Assess underlying risk in DeFi ecosystems

Perform real-time risk assessments

Technical-fundamentals in decentralized ecosystems are uncharted territory for risk assessment – until now. We'll show you what the lay of the land is and equip you with the right tools.

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In 2022, $3 billion was lost in decentralized financial systems.
We can do better.

Assess composable risks “Know Your Stack”

Mart-Antoine Proulx
Manager of Operations
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It’s impossible to assess every potential web3 risk. We provide transparency on critical interdependencies between protocols, digital assets, and underlying blockchains.

We enable protocol teams to assess composable risks to create transparency for protocol stakeholders.

Diversify technical-fundamental risk in crypto portfolios

Mart-Antoine Proulx
Manager of Operations
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Alterscope creates transparency around decentralized protocols, enabling diversification at a technical-fundamental level and amplifying internal risk control processes.

We support asset allocation and portfolio construction with real-time risk tooling for investment firms. This complements internal risk management and monitoring to deliver a best-in-class solution.

Enhance growth by optimizing risk management and mitigation strategies.

Identify risk-adjusted returns in real-time

We enable a risk-adjusted perspective by uncovering technical-fundamental risks associated with decentralized applications.

Get alerted to systemic risks unfolding

Our AI-powered infrastructure meticulously tracks entire blockchain ecosystems, covering critical interdependencies among digital assets, decentralized protocols and underlying settlement infrastructures.

Improve trading algorithms

We provide valuable signals in real-time on events happening on protocol and blockchain networks to improve the accuracy of trading algorithms.

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