SEDA & Alterscope: Unlocking Real-Time Risk Capabilities for DeFi

Matthew Peters, Benedikt Eikmanns
January 22, 2024
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SEDA and Alterscope Partner to Bring Real-Time Risk-Scores to any Protocol on any Chain

SEDA and Alterscope have partnered, allowing DeFi protocols on any chain to access unprecedented DeFi risk-associated data, delivered on request. SEDA, the newest solution to the Oracle problem, alongside Alterscope, are set to improve access to protocol needed data via sustainable economic models and new layer 1 data network structures.

What Alterscope Provides to SEDA

Alterscopes mission is to make the financial system of the future smarter and more transparent. Known as a Web3 risk layer, Alterscope empowers collective intelligence to prevent systemic risks in tomorrow’s financial systems. For DeFi protocols this means being able to access Alterscope’s real time risk-score data in order to improve transparency across their suites. Via SEDAs one day permissionless integration, protocols can now seamlessly pull and query data from Alterscope including:

-      Protocol decentralization

-      Development activity

-      Liquidity

-      Tokenomics

-      Security risks

-      Overall protocol risks

SEDA | A Preferred Solution For Data Provision

SEDA is a comprehensive solution to the Oracle problem benefiting data providers, layer 1’s, 2’s and protocols alike. Traditionally data providers have been blocked from accessing fair value for their data due to unsustainable economic models favoring Oracles. Additionally, protocols have been required to front excessive fees to access data via Oracle networks. By integrating with the SEDA permissionless network, data provider ssuch as Alterscope can fairly monetize their data sets to any protocol on any chain.

Alterscope are able to integrate their risk-score data feed to provide the data to the SEDA network, setting their price point per data pull request. Protocols can integrate with SEDA on a permissionless basis and begin pulling data from Alterscope in 24hrs paying only for the data they need. By creating a base layer network that sits as a data bridge between any chain, protocols and data providers, SEDA acts as a decentralized transmission layer for fair data transport.

Customizable Computation By Protocols Powered By SEDA

DeFi protocols that are querying risk-score data from Alterscope can take data management one step further via SEDA’s data computation mechanics. As a Defi protocol pulls data from a data provider like Alterscope, they can set their custom parameters to aggregate and present data to suit their protocol needs. Via SEDA dashboards, protocols will be able to select the computational parameters that meet their requirements to streamline the process from data extraction to query and aggregation.

Community-Driven Risk Scoring Enabled by Alterscope

Advanced risk management and strategic investment optimization are crucial for the growth and stability of the DeFi ecosystem. Alterscope will allow the community to build their own customizable risk frameworks leveraging over 400 different parameters, addressing risks grounded in the composability and interconnectedness of web3. The strength of Alterscope’s solution lies in its real-time capabilities, the opportunity for community collaboration, and the ability to integrate diverse parameters from chains, protocols, and various middleware solutions simultaneously.  

These community-based risk frameworks can be leveraged by DeFi protocols, via the SEDA network, including lending protocols, liquid staking protocols, yield aggregators or yield optimizers. Additionally, Alterscope is progressing towards incorporating zk-proofs into its risk frameworks, enhancing user privacy and augmenting ecosystem protocols with greater intelligence and flexibility.

Stay Up To Date With SEDA

As SEDA continues to build and prepare for the network's mainnet launch, the community can get the latest information on developments and partnerships via joining the SEDA community and social channels.

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Stay Up To Date With Alterscope

As an emerging risk processing protocol, Alterscope continuously expands its network of protocols. Join our community and follow our social channels to stay up to date about the latest developments.

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