Integrating Swaap on Alterscope: Enhanced Transparency & Risk Management

Benedikt Eikmanns
February 7, 2024
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Introducing Swaap Finance

In the ever-evolving world of decentralized finance (DeFi), innovation and transparency are paramount. The DeFi ecosystem has seen a surge in algorithmic strategies that aim to provide superior yields for liquidity providers (LPs). As the DeFi landscape continues to evolve, partnerships like the one between Swaap and Alterscope pave the way for a safer and more transparent financial future, where participants can navigate the complexities of the decentralized world with confidence.

Swaap offers superior yields powered by algorithmic strategies. The protocol combines an open, non-custodial AMM design with advanced market-making strategies, inspired by TradFi and adapted for DeFi. This generates superior yields for LPs. Swaap is live on Ethereum, Polygon, and Arbitrum.  

Integrating Swaap on Alterscope: Key Benefits

Alterscope functions as the central nervous system for liquidity allocation in the web3 space, allowing all participants to respond in real-time to ecosystem shifts. It can be described as a hub for liquidity providers and investors, fostering trust within web3 ecosystems, promotes the creation of risk standards, and facilitates a risk-adjusted perspective. Alterscope's focus on transparency and risk management seamlessly aligns with Swaap's vision, making the integration a natural choice. The key benefits of this partnership are as follows:

  1. Protocol  Assessment: Alterscope assesses Swaap’s project details, covering areas such as token fundamentals, project description, and key metrics such as TVL to score how effectively Swaap his terms of risk analysis compared to the market. This enables prospective LPs to measure Swaap against other protocols by these parameters.
  2. Advanced Risk  Management: Through the evaluation of both the security frameworks of the protocol, smart contract integrity as well as liquidity concerns, Alterscope presents a complete risk profile to ensure the liquidity providers and users of Swaap get all the information pertinent for navigating the DeFi ecosystem more securely and confidently.
  3. Sophisticated Risk  Metrics: Alterscope allows LPs to access advanced risk metrics so that the organizational risk factors of Swaap can be examined in great detail. From liquidity provision, which forms a fundamental aspect enabling users to deposit tokens and enable trade, to a breakdown of APY derived from trading fees, Alterscope offers an analysis of each of the elements influencing Swaap performance and stability.
  4. Security and Development Insights: The security insights for Swaap cover a complete analysis of transaction volumes of active contracts, most engaged contracts, and an exhaustive vulnerability assessment. In addition, the platform includes development metrics like event activities, commits, and contributions which provide a clear picture to the stakeholders about the development process and engagement of Swaap.
  5. Liquidity and Market Dynamics: Alterscope reviews Swaap's liquidity and market dynamics by outlining metrics around asset tradability as well as the health of the liquidity     pools. This is critical in understanding participation in the respective markets and its impact on the stability of the asset price.
  6. Community Engagement and Sentiment Analysis: Alterscope also investigates the social dynamics of Swaap through specifically designed advanced machine learning algorithms to rate community interaction quality as well as sentiment. The level of quality engagement and reputation assessment is important in clearly understanding long-term sustainable development surrounding the project and the size of its supporting community. 


The integration of Swaap into the Alterscope platform represents a significant step towards improved transparency, sophisticated risk management analysis, and the development of complex risk metrics in the DeFi space. By offering a comprehensive view of Swaap's activities, security measures, liquidity, and community involvement, Alterscope empowers LPs to make informed decisions, ultimately contributing to a more secure and resilient DeFi ecosystem.

About Alterscope
With the mission to make the financial system of the future smarter and more transparent, Alterscope empowers collective intelligence to prevent systemic risks in tomorrow’s financial systems. As a decentralized organization, Alterscope will enable novel risk primitives and become the overarching risk layer for DAOs and Apps.

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