Alterscope Enhances Verified Risk Frameworks with TACEO's MPC Network Privacy Features

Marijo Radman
February 20, 2024
Reading time
3 min

To bolster the resilience of decentralized finance (DeFi) and restaking spaces, protocols must dynamically adapt to sudden changes, such as those caused by a blue chip protocol exploit that triggers a cascading effect, impacting the entire space. A way to enable this adaptability is through data-driven protocols that continuously receive new data inputs and accordingly adjust their parameters and exposure to the entire ecosystem. It is crucial to ensure that these data inputs are not exploited to undermine the protocol.

Alterscope is constructing a decentralized risk market, capitalizing on a broad network of contributors to facilitate advanced risk management capabilities in the Web3 domain. By verifying and co-processing real-time on-chain and off-chain data, our community is empowered to create, share, and access dynamic zk-proven risk models.

To realize this vision, Alterscope is joining forces with TACEO and the =nil; foundation. Alterscope is enabling the creation of zkML models on its risk market through its no-code risk engine, ensuring not only the verification of the models but also the privacy by utilizing TACEO's MPC network for private, decentralized computation. At its core, a network of nodes computes any request in a privacy-preserving manner, leveraging MultipartyComputation (MPC) alongside Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP) cryptography.

This collaboration represents a significant advancement for the entire DeFi and restaking sector, where autonomous, dynamic lending protocols are becoming a reality. AVS-es in the restaking space will be able to create dynamic slashing mechanisms that are optimized according to the criticality of their operations and their exposure to the entire space.

Alterscope is thrilled to bring these advanced capabilities to the market in the coming months, heralding a new era for the DeFi ecosystem and the burgeoning restaking space. We are dedicated to ensuring that our community of contributors is well-equipped to apply their domain expertise, in this evolving space, making it more stable and secure, yet not jeopardizing on their intellectual property.

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